BACO’s work in

Buckinghamshire’s prisons


In 1999, ex-offenders, who act as advisers to the Executive Committee, brought to our attention the needs of prisoners in HMP Springhill that were not being met by official bodies.


These needs fall under the following main headings:

· Personal needs

· Returning to work

· Educational purposes

· Compassionate reasons

· Town Visits to local towns

· Transport for home visits


At that time there was no personal contact between BACO and prisoners, all requests for grants being submitted to the Committee by HMP Springhill.

The Support Service was set up to address these needs. Meetings took place with HMP Springhill Prison and Probation staff to agree how it would operate.

The first Support Service meeting took place in HMP Springhill in 2001, followed by regular monthly meetings. Meetings are staffed by BACO volunteers who meet prisoners on a one to one basis to discuss their requests for grants.

This Service has subsequently been expanded to HMP Grendon and Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution on the same basis.

It is our intention to expand to Woodhill and thereby cover all four of the Buckinghamshire prisons.


with Ex-offenders


All grant applications are made to the BACO Grants Secretary by email from the Probation Service or by direct letter to the PO Box for processing and approval by the Committee.

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