HMP Springhill

BACO in HMP Springhill


HMP Springhill is a Category D Open Prison with an operational capacity of 334


BACO Contacts

Liaison -  Through the OMU and Learning & Skills.

Support of grant requests - Employment Links and Learning & Skills

Processing grants made to prisoners - Finance Department


BACO has an Orderly on Camp who is a serving prisoner.



BACO Support Service


Meetings are on the last Thursday in the month.




The BACO Orderly holds the application forms to attend BACO Support Service meetings. When completed, the applications go via the Orderly to the BACO Liaison and are delivered to or collected by BACO.




Contributory grants are made towards the cost of:

 Educational courses

 Professional qualifications

 Trade training courses

 Trade tools.

 Full driving licences / Theory and Practical Test fees.

 ID - birth certificates, Citizen Cards, Passports

 CSCS cards




BACO has a clothing store in the Induction Hut.


Basic clothing is available either from the store or bought in on request.


Application forms are available from the BACO Orderly and BACO Liaison.


Completed forms are checked by Reception Staff to ensure compliance with HMP Springhill Regulations





Bucks Association for the Care of Offenders

Registered Charity No. 263573