BACO’s work with Ex-offenders



BACO covers Thames Valley Probation clients living in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

Thames Valley Probation has a case load of approximately 2,300 in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.


All grant applications are made to the BACO Grants Secretary by email from the Probation Service for processing and approval by the Committee.


Contributory grants towards the cost of:


· College courses

· Trade training courses

· Trade tools

· Full driving licences

· ID – CitizenCards, Passports

· ID - birth certificates, locating birth parents

· CSCS cards

· Subsistence – To bridge the gap between release and receiving JSA or other      benefits

· Essentials for household set up – including that lost at time of arrest

· Rent arrears

· Travel costs to work

· Deposit for accommodation




· Including replacement of that lost at time of arrest

· For those in Residential Rehabilitation

· For families including childrens’ schoolwear

· For Interviews



In 2011 119 grants were made, 15% of which were to bridge the 2 to 10 week gap between release and the ex-offender receiving the various Benefits, such as Job Seekers Allowance.


Bucks Association for the Care of Offenders

Registered Charity No. 263573